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PGD Chakra


The PGD Chakra is what I consider a "lightbulb" moment in the evolution of Purple Girl Designs.  What started as a way to use the leftover beads from a full strand has come to define my passion for gemstones and what they can do to help you.  I am the "Purple Girl" because of amethyst and my belief that the world needs just a little more Love, Joy and Compassion! 

No two PGD Chakra bracelets are alike.  They are random but I try not to repeat gemstones (as much as possible).  So basically, they embody and represent a little bit of the all properties of all the stones in each bracelet.  They are meant to help you, and the power comes from within you, with everything you need as you live your Life's Journey.  Each bracelet is as unique as the gemstones they embody and as unique as everyone who wears them.  


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