Handmade Garnet 8mm gemstone bracelet with Magnesite skull

Garnet with Magnasite Skull | Bracelet

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One of the things I tell my customers at the market is to put Garnet in the sunlight to really see and appreciate it's beauty.  This bracelet is made of 6mm Garnet beads and features a Magnasite skull.  The skull is not just a morbid symbol of death and mortality, it is also a strong symbol of wisdom and protection!  Looking to realize some goals?  this one's for you.  

Wrist size 7 inches. Bead size 6mm.  Brass alloy spacers.  Check out the Size Guide here 

Cleansing Your PGD Gemstones:  We recommend you cleanse your gemstones during the Full Moon.  It acts as an energy reset.  Smudge them with a Sage stick, cover them in a bowl with filtered water and place in the moonlight overnight, or bury them in a small hole in the backyard.

PGD Bracelet Care:  We do not recommend swimming or bathing while wearing your PGD Gemstone Bracelet.  The elastic cord deteriorates over time shortening its longevity.  Warning, the #1 reason these bracelets break is when playing with babies and pets.  So be  careful.

PGD Product Guarantee:  If you have any problems with any PGD product let us know.  We’ll fix it.  If a bracelet stretches out or breaks, collect the beads and PGD will restring it for free.  Click here to contact us.